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Automated Tasks

Save time and money with automation.

Harmony can automate many tasks, saving time and money while ensuring the work is done right the first time. Our software can be customized for your specialty, practice size, and geographic location. Let our system remember your work flow intricacies for you!


Our Electronic Insurance Eligibility verification system streamlines the eligibility process by verifying benefits quickly and easily. Harmony allows you to communicate online with insurance carriers, including HMOs, PPOs, IPA groups, and Medicaid programs. Having worked with hundreds of insurance carriers across the United States, we are constantly developing and strengthening our relationships with insurers to help provide our clients with a hassle-free experience and the best possible reimbursements.


Harmony software eases the payment process by automatically linking co-payments with insurance records in your billing system. Our software also allows you to:

  • Set up automatic monthly charges to credit cards for patients on a payment plan.
  • Process Electronic Remittance Advice (or ERAs), the electronic equivalent of the Explanation of Benefit (EOB), which provides details on how your claims were paid.
  • Automated posting of claim denials and the reason.

Claims Processing

With Harmony, you can check on the status of claims electronically, even on a set schedule. In addition, denied claims can be corrected within the application for faster re-filing.

Dynamic Rules Engine

At Harmony, we submit electronic claims directly on behalf of our clients, not through a third party clearinghouse. This offers tremendous advantages because we can:

  • Scrub claims for errors before they are submitted
  • Provide nearly instant notification that a claim was received
  • Immediately correct and resubmit erroneous claims
  • Keep up with changes because of the high volume of claims we process