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Mental & Behavioral Health

The Harmony Mental Health System is designed specifically with mental health care providers in mind, focusing on key mental and behavioral health fields, including psychiatry, substance abuse, rehabilitation, and family therapy.

Mental & Behavioral Health Features:

  • Recurrent scheduling and visit tracking for follow-ups or weekly sessions
  • Complete list of DSM-IV and V codes
  • Intake, treatment plan and progress note templates
  • Group therapy and rehabilitation notes
  • Online portal of patient assessment forms
  • Built-in E&M coding advice
  • Voice recognition availability
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Patient education module
  • e-Prescribe capabilities, including Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances (EPCS)
  • Unique inpatient module
  • Auto tracking for number of visits allowed by carrier
  • Custom documentation, as well as access to our existing online library