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Internal Medicine

The Harmony Internal Medicine System effectively tracks all vital indicators for each internal medicine encounter. By incorporating a concise medical data report and a fact assessment form, providers can easily store, track, and share information.

Internal Medicine Features

  • Orders and Reports Module

    Sending and receiving orders is a breeze with Harmony. With HL7 digital results, you’ll receive all laboratory, Radiology, and other order results as soon as their ready.

  • E/RX and EPCS

    No more “I lost my prescription” phone calls. With Harmony, all prescriptions, including controlled substances can be electronically prescribed. Enjoy a complete database of e/Rx compatible pharmacies and FDA approved medications.

  • Patient Online Access

    With Harmony, your patients will be able to access key clinical information from home. Avoid time consuming calls by communicating via the patient web portal.

  • Patient Recalls Made Easy

    Let Harmony auto-link recalls to based on age, sex, race and diagnosis, encouraging better patient care.

  • Dictate With Ease

    Typos be gone! Why struggle with a keyboard when you can dictate your notes. Voice recognition software integration ensures your providers have multiple options for documenting their electronic notes.

  • Anatomical Diagrams

    Harmony’s complete anatomical database provides clear areas of focus with annotation.

  • Continuing Care

    Harmony’s patient care module strives for better after care. Educational information is easily produced for continuing at home care.