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Mental & Behavioral Health

The Harmony Mental Health System is designed specifically with mental health care providers in mind, focusing on key mental and behavioral health fields, including psychiatry, substance abuse, rehabilitation, and family therapy.

Mental & Behavioral Health Features

  • Recurrent Scheduling

    Patient’s set on a treatment schedule? Let Harmony book these appointments all at once for you for hassle free appointment blocking. Applies to groups too!

  • Custom Documentation

    Not all notes are the same. Harmony will design documentation for your exact needs. You can build/update your notes as well.

  • Group Documentation

    Documenting group encounter takes time. With Harmony, this process takes a fraction of the time with our-apply forward rules.

  • Dictate With Ease

    Typos be gone! Why struggle with a keyboard when you can dictate your notes. Voice recognition software integration ensures your providers have multiple options for documenting their electronic notes.

  • Continuing Care

    Harmony’s patient care module strives for better after care. Educational information is easily produced for continuing at home care.

  • E/RX and EPCS

    No more “I lost my prescription” phone calls. With Harmony, all prescriptions, including controlled substances can be electronically prescribed. Enjoy a complete database of e/Rx compatible pharmacies and FDA approved medications.

Custom workflows
for every need.

In-patient, Out-patient, IOP, Substance Abuse, Community Based, Groups, and more.

  • Unique Inpatient Module

    Harmony offers special billing functions for In-Patient, UB04, and IOP needs.

  • Easy Authorization Tracking

    Never miss out on payments due to missing authorizations. Harmony will track Treatment Plan authorizations and count down your patients’ remaining appointments.