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The Harmony OB/GYN System is designed for the complex nature of OB/GYN practices. By incorporating a messaging center that displays important patient details, medical records are efficiently updated, stored, and shared as needed.

OB/GYN Features

  • Essential Care

    Prenatal care is the most important of all. Harmony will track every metric of fundas height, basic movement, and dilation through the end of gestation.

  • Dictate With Ease

    Typos be gone! Why struggle with a keyboard when you can dictate your notes. Voice recognition software integration ensures your providers have multiple options for documenting their electronic notes.

  • Imaging and Labs

    There are a lot of tests performed during pregnancy. Harmony’s report monitoring will keep track of all your imaging, sonogram, and laboratory results.

  • Better Patient Care

    Patients come from all walks of line, with varying backgrounds and beliefs. Let Harmony track these special needs to help you keep them satisfied.

  • Continuing Care

    Harmony’s patient care module strives for better after care. Educational information is easily produced for continuing at home care.