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The Harmony Cardiology System focuses on charting and documentation to enhance workflow and patient care for your cardiology practice. It allows easy access to hospital information, insurers, and physician inter-office communications to ensure continuity of care.

Cardiology Features

  • Insurance Report Wizard

    Harmony gives new meaning to micro and macro analysis. No data point will remain unturned with Harmony’s all-seeing reports module.

  • Intake and Scheduling Made Easy

    Patient intake has never been easier. Harmony seamlessly allows users to add patients and schedule appointments from one screen.

  • Orders and Reports Module

    Sending and receiving orders is a breeze with Harmony. With HL7 digital results, you’ll receive all laboratory, Radiology, and other order results as soon as they’re ready.

  • E/RX and EPCS

    No more “I lost my prescription” phone calls. With Harmony, all prescriptions, including controlled substances can be electronically prescribed. Enjoy a complete database of e/Rx compatible pharmacies.

  • Dictate with Ease

    Typos be gone! Why struggle with a keyboard when you can dictate your notes. Voice recognition software integration ensures your providers have multiple options for their electronic notes.

  • Pacemaker Info-Pro

    Complete tracking of manufacturer, serial number, and battery expiration date.

Tracking for unique device and medication needs.