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The Harmony Dermatology System is flexible and customizable enabling dermatologists to address their unique workflow. Harmony provides true mobility with access to dermatology patient records anywhere / anytime.

Dermatology Features

  • Existing Data Migration

    Don't waste time manually re-entering patient information. Let Harmony migrate your existing data, while you focus on your patients.

  • Remote Access Anywhere

    Table, Laptop, PC, Mac? It doesn't matter to Harmony which platform you choose. Your data can be accessed anywhere you have internet.

Ease of use for clinical skin care.

  • Digital Lab/Pathology Results

    Harmony’s integrated specimen imaging and lab results ensures critical data is easily accessed.

  • Anatomical Designs

    Face, legs, back, chest, Harmony has the body covered. Our complete anatomical database allows for clear areas of focus and annotation.

  • E/RX and EPCS

    No more “I lost my prescription” phone calls. With Harmony, all prescriptions, including controlled substances can be electronically prescribed. Enjoy a complete database of e/Rx compatible pharmacies and FDA approved dermatology medications, creams, and ointments.

  • Testing, Testing, Testing

    Be it MOHS, Tzanck, Biopsies, Scrapings, or Shaves, Harmony has you covered. Our medical records offer flexibility for YOUR treatment.

  • Inventory Management

    “What do you mean we ran out!!!” Sound familiar? With Harmony these words will never be uttered in your office again. Our robust inventory management module ensures your stock never runs dry.

  • Unique AAACH and JCAHO Reporting

    Don’t get caught without the appropriate documentation. Harmony offers reporting and tracking for various state and government programs.

Complete coverage of cosmetic and medical needs.